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Things to Take Note in Product Review Sites


There are millions of product reviews in the internet but only a handful of them are honest and credible. Many product review websites may look unbiased at first look but when you read further, the true intention of their product review then surfaces and that is to be in favor of only one product and through that they are able to make money via connected links. Check out to get started.


Below are some ways to examine the website and its creators if they are truly honest with their product reviews, being straight neutral and being a consumer oriented or if they are just faking it and are just doing it for the extra money.


First, you should identify who runs the website. A legitimate website will have an author or bio page that shows the information about who runs the website and sometimes, others includes their purpose and reason of starting the website. A lot of websites nowadays are claiming to be run by partners who post fake "neutral" reviews.


Second is if the website owners or the product reviewers have experienced the product themselves. This is an important factor for the neutrality of the review. There is a stronger tendency for a person to be bias towards a product if the person himself or herself did not pay for the product or if it was sponsored to him and her. And if the reviewer pays or spends for the product itself then there is a strong impartiality and ability to remain objective along the course of conducting the review.


Third is that you should know if the website only reviews a single product or if it covers a large variety of projects. A website that covers many products tend to be more neutral and unbiased and holds more "honest" reviews, whereas a website that only reviews a single product is more likely to be biased. Single-product-sites are popular with business partners because it gives heavier weight to some keywords and that makes it easier to be at the top of search engines.


Lastly is that you should be able to notice if the reviewer only states positive things about the product. Basically, a truly neutral product review sites will state both positive and negative comments in the review. Websites that are very "kind" to the product their reviewing can be very doubtful and most likely are promoting the product. Go to for more details.