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The Importance of Product Reviews for Businesses


Product reviews are one of the most important tools that you have in your eCommerce platform. This is because studies have shown that 63 percent of customers are more likely to buy a product from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. A positive review implies that a customer is placing their name and reputation behind yours. Once a customer has recommended your product, it is quite unlikely for him to search for other alternatives. They were completely satisfied with your product, which incidentally, is also the best type of marketing.


Reviews can be a critical factor for uncertain buyers to take the leap and purchase from your store. If you are not sure whether you should enable reviews on your site, here are some of the top reasons to do so. Read review here.


Improve Search Engine Rankings


Reviews can also have an impact on internet search engine results. Search engines like Google consider how many times your brand name is mentioned in reviews. Product reviews drive product specific traffic to your site. If you have been mentioned enough times, it is very probable that you will appear higher in search engine rankings for a particular keyword when compared to a business that has not been reviewed as often.


Establish Credibility


Smaller businesses are often less visible than large retails stores. Product reviews are a great way to boost your online presence. Moreover, they are important in establishing a critical sense of trust by providing feedback from other customers who have experience with what you are offering. Creating this sense of trust and authenticity with the potential customers who visit your site builds the foundation for a relationship and repeat business.


Constructive Criticism


Some reviews are actually beneficial for product improvement purposes because they can bring up concerns or suggest enhancements that relate to your product or services. Consider this as a great opportunity to resolve a customer's issues or improve business practices. Remember that many customers who raise concerns and problems online would still be complaining about it to other people. If you can see a review that raises a concern or suggestion, you can promptly respond to it or resolve the issue publicly, if you so choose. Many people actually have quite ingenious suggestions about better ways to do things or new products that you can include in your catalog. In this way, reviews are a great source for new ideas and innovative concepts.